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From a deep slumber, I rouse
Startled and scared I scurried away
Wanting to escape, to run far away
From the invisible monsters trying to vanquish me.
With hurried footsteps, I left my room
Uncaring if outside there was a storm.
The need to get away heightened my spirit
I must leave this cursed place at once.
I run outside, it’s quite dark and raining
I was mindless that my bare feet were hurting
But I could vividly feel my soul aching
From the torture, those monsters inflicted on me.
I cried but rain washed my bitter tears off
I yelled for help but thunder drowned my voice.
I thought I was running fast but 
My knees were wobbly I could barely stride.
Desperation doomed me as I panicked,
I’m losing strength, my sanity is betraying me.
I clasped my hands together fervently praying
For a miracle to happen so I can be redeemed.
Someone came, I was gladdened and grateful.
He stole my soul away and left me lifeless.

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