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Your Nightmare

I noticed how your face twisted with disgust
When you saw me enter the room though with careful steps.
Your lips curled up in irony, it made me wonder
Does my presence make you unwell?
I tried to draw my face with a friendly smile
But you turned your head as if you loathe my existence.
I tried to greet you with a warm “Hi” but you ignored me,
Maybe my absence will make you well.
But if my confidence gave you a threat,
I’d take delight to provoke your inner monster.
I can smile sweetly at you, but let it be a warning, 
“I am your greatest nightmare.”
You may be sitting now at the pedestal you’ve aspired.
But everything on this earth expires.
You may portray yourself as a dignified deputy
Yet, don’t forget you are but a clothed peasant.
You wear your beauty and title like a crown
But your soul stinks, in the filth one day you’ll drown.
If my absence makes you well,
I intend to hover around to make you unwell
Until you shed your truest rotting skin,
And you will be exposed as an epitome of sins.

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