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Tell me why must I slacken

Tell me why must I slacken, why must I stop
And I’ll tell you I got no hold of my forbearance.
Forgive me if you are fed up with my slop
But this wont cannot be held in abeyance.

At times, I may be rebellious but with a heart
Conquerors I face to portray defiance
A sworn duty I mustered on my part
To bestow my enemies no allegiance.

For the rights of them and mine will I contend
Till my final breath leaves my lungs
Valor in my gut at them will  I lend
Till we extract our victorious bodies from dungs.

The fallen and ostracized will I lead
To give them glories of everlasting dawn
Henceforth will I serve them, I shan’t yield
My kins are my force, I can be their pawn.

Offer my body to nature’s deities, I will be glad
If ’twill grant us prosperity and peace
Take me as a shield ‘gainst bestial clad
I will fight to give you freedom apiece.

Thou cannot ward me off to give this an end,
Thou cannot command me to sulk in the nook.
My true battle is yet to begin, it cannot mend
Though it keeps me often on the hook.

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