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Starting to befriend the devil

Had packed some stuff and put my sneakers on
All set and ready, gotta hit the road one more time.
Headphones on turned the volume up
Ready to course through the effing odds.
I stepped outside, greeted by the glaring sun
Forced out a smile, crossed my fingers too
And with a hopeful spirit, I heaved a sigh
Wishing this day won’t be jinxed also.
What’s it gonna be today, I look forward to it.
Had saved enough courage and a sound wit.
Whatever it takes I just can never quit
I’m gonna take this challenge so long I’m fit.
Let today be a step closer to a prayed future,
To the fulfillment of this lifetime adventure.
Come rain, come shine, I gotta be on my way
Through highs and lows, I gotta do it my way.
And maybe later I’d be stopping by the woods
Who knows later my fate might turn all good?
Indeed, what a blissful day it is, by the way!
I’m starting to befriend the devil anyway.

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