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How are you?

“Are you okay?” They asked.
“No. I am dying inside and you don’t know. I am not okay in every sense of it but when was the last time you truly cared though you’ve been asking me how I was? When was the last time you listened when I needed someone to vent my grief? When was the time you comforted me genuinely?” She screamed these words inside her head. But she chose to say, “Yes, I’m okay.”

You know what hurts? When you need someone but no one wants to be there. When you want to share something but nobody wants to listen. When no one tells you words of comfort but admonishes you instead. But they still have the balls to ask, “Why you don’t share?”

This is why some people shut the world out. One would retreat into a world where she will be alone and safe from harsh rebukes or unfair perceptions. They tend to be indifferent and nonchalant to safeguard their emotional instability. Basically, their current behavior is rooted in what might have happened in the past. Could be long ago or just recently. Past trauma did it, matter-of-factly. Those who went through it would understand the situation and know how to deal with it. However, some are simply apathetic.

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