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The Road To The West

I’m in the middle of the road
That to the East, there, to the West
Which road must I choose
When I often think I am lost?
Must I take the road to the west
Maybe I’ll find peace and solace,
There in the land of the dead,
There in that forgotten land,
Maybe I could rest.
This exhaustion is gnawing at me
Perhaps it’s a place I was destined to be.
Must I take the road away from thee,
Away from this fabricated gaiety.

Let me close my eyes for the last time
This languid body must be tired
From the endless battles of fate,
Maybe it’s time to take a rest.
But this heart seems heavy
Thinking I have to leave thee
Must I still wait for you to fetch me
Must I wait? Must I wait for thee?
Yet, time seems in a hurry today
While the sun is quickly leaving me,
Must I wait for you until you flee
Though I hope you’d stay
Until my dying day.

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