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Memory Lane

In this nameless street where sorrow and joy meet
With a tempestuous mind and unsteady heartbeat 
Quite dull and feeble, battered with exhaustion
I walk still very unable to contain my emotion. 
Traipsing down on memory lane perhaps,
Recollection of the gleeful past perhaps,
Though wearisome as it may seem, I must
Walk along, rest if need be, but I mustn’t stop.
But, if fate welds it and a bus passes by,
I pray to gods to have a glimpse of you before I die;
And if in that bus I must ride with lady luck
I pray, too, at the end they do not mock
And let it take me to the nearby city wishing
To find what I’ve been for so long searching,
But how far along am I to ever get there?
How soon it’d be so I can finally feel better?
How many centuries must I travel though
To finally get a hold of you also?
For this journey seems extremely boring
Being alone on the road’s pretty tiring.
How far along am I to ever get there?
What if at the bus stop I can’t find you there?

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