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Shall You Find Me Not At The Necropolis

Shall you find me not at the Necropolis
Search for me, maybe, on the shore
For I may be sitting on the dock
I’ll be waiting to be found by thee.

But if you let me a-wander after this
Know that I will still understand you more
I’d tarry till night-time to try my luck
I’d be waiting still until you find me.

And when the sun glints on the east
I’d wait for you until it’s eaten by the beast
When I get summoned by the ruler of the west
Please know that I did my best.

But for now, I would be at the shore
I’d cross my fingers to earn this score
For I want to see you before I say adieu
Hoping to hug you tightly before I go.

For this exhausted body longs for your touch
I hope it’s not too much to ask
Maybe then I could give you the happiness
Shall this tired soul finally rest in peace.

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