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Meet me at the Necropolis

When the final breath escape from my parched lips
And this frail, cold and lifeless body demise
Will you weep and cry a river upon this loss
Or will you rejoice and be gratefully joyous?

When my body finally meet its resting place
Freed from the torture of horrible monsters,
Will I then obtain my dearly desired peace
Or still, be haunted by my voracious invaders?

Will you plant roses atop my deserted grave,
And regret not gifting me the love I did crave
For it’s the selfishness that harbors in your heart Unmindful of my suffering from constant hurt.

Will you cry while the sky rumbles with agony?
Will you mourn while the rain pours melancholy?
Will you utter those passionate promises I yearn for?
How I wish I could hear your remorseful scream.

You stole my joy until the smiles were gone
Put out the flicker of hopes, engulfed in fear
And all that’s left are woes too heavy to bear
Until one day I gave up, and my life was done.

Cursed till my last days, naught but unheard cries,
The muffled sobs in the deafening silence of the night. 
No one knew, ensconced in oblivion from my fatal fight Alas! It all started from perfectly webbed lies.

Farewell! See you in the afterlife, shall there is.
But hopeful still our paths will cross one fateful day, May it be filled with ardent compassion, I pray.
Shall misfortune befell, meet me at the Necropolis.

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