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Nameless Street

Took the ride off to the countryside
Even without you by my side
Still hoping you’d meet me somewhere
But you were never there.
Sadly, I couldn’t see you around
You were nowhere to be found.
I was alone, lost and torn and
Tears cascaded like waterfalls.
My knees gave up, down I knelt.
Hopes flew, courage did melt.
Might better be numb, thought I.
Might better be lifeless, thought I.
Yet, with the remainder of my strength,
Mustered with all might tried I,
With wobbly knees and a reluctant sigh,
With a heavy heart and pallid face,
I left the place at such a frail pace.
Amidst the chaos of the gloomy sky
Through foreign ground walked I,
Away from there but not away from thee
For I am wishing you’d meet me halfway
Down this nameless street heading far away.

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