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Her Final Wish

“If I were to vanish from the face of the earth,
I wish to convey my message to the people I cherish.
And I shall commence it on this note;
Do not shed a tear for my passing,’’

“And if I shall be granted with my request,
On top of the mound, do not plant red roses
For I prefer ferns and black roses,
For I once longed what I could not have…”

“Do not read me letters and elegies
But you can play a tune, it’s in my playlist.
Do not forget to invite my allies and enemies
For them to witness this final twist…”

Do I have to continue reading her letter?
Or, you can read it yourself later.
I found it on top of her side table
Waiting, unopened for no one seemed to care.

And her letter reads like this as well,
“Do not lament upon my loss nor say you love me.
Those are the words I needed to hear
When I was alive, when I was here.”

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