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Remember Me

Remember me…
Through the breeze on a cold morning,
Through the crisp wind on a warm evening,
Through the pale glow from the moonlight,
Or the flickering neon lights on a lazy night.
Search me through the crowd in the bustling streets,
On the crossroads or passers-by in front of your car, When the red light is on while you’re behind the wheel. Hear me through the upbeat music from your car stereo,
Through the boisterous laughter where you’re at.
Listen through the rustling footsteps behind you,
Through the honking car far ahead
Or faint conversations at a distance,
You will hear my voice among them.
Feel me walking side by side with you on the hallways, In the parks, in the corridors, anywhere I’ll be with you
Stealing glances at how adorable you look.
When your stomach grumbles,
When you scan through the menu
Feel me sitting opposite you on the table when you eat,
And with every sip of your coffee, feel me
As its bitter-sweet taste touch your heart.
When you scribble some notes,
When you tap the keyboard of your laptop
Feel me hugging you from behind.
Hear me cheering on when you work out,
Feel me caressing you when you wipe your sweat.
When warm water from the shower
Cascades through your body,
Feel me soothing your tired muscles.
When your head hit your soft pillow,
When your blanket hugs you, feel me.
Forget me not in your waking moments,
Dream of me when you’re serenely slumbering.
I’ll watch over you with the stars at night,
Keep you warm like the sun through the day.
I’ll be around, anywhere, wherever you may be,
I love you and I will love you come what may.

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