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-Now what?

Starting again is not easy. But letting go is liberating. Walking away is not cowardice if you walk away from those that destroy your confidence and self-worth, from those that kill your peace and happiness. It’s not easy to purge something that has been in your system for so long. It’s some sort of a habit that’s too difficult to kill. Walking away also means traipsing on a new path, towards a new beginning, a new hope. It can be a walk that will change your life forever (for the better if you’re lucky). However…

-Don’t be scared to cross the road if you have to… if you need to. You never know what’s waiting for you on the other side of the road. (Fingers crossed. Let’s hope they’re good stuff.)

When you venture on a new journey, expect that the travel will not be smooth. It will be rocky, shitty, and exhausting. There will be detours. It will challenge your conviction. So when you want to start a new trip on a new path, ask yourself if you’re ready to face the consequences because there’s no greater enemy than reality. Walk with courage and believe that everything will be alright. Do not give up. Don’t lose hope because hope is all you have. 

Some will want to share this new journey with you but might get tired along the way. People will give up on you but don’t ever give up on yourself. Go on, continue the trip until you reach the destination that fate has for you.

-Don’t be scared to go on trips alone. It’s how you’ll grow smarter. Don’t be terrified to face your demons. It’s how you’ll grow stronger.

Life is always about puzzles, challenges, and adventures. Be crazy. Be strong. Be persistent.

Just some rants I found dusty in my notes and I thought I might use them now…😅🤙

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