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Train Tracks

In those bewitching moments, I admit
My will was seduced, I lost track of time.
But what can I do when it’s too late to whine?
That wasted luck, from my fingers, they slipped.
In this wicked world, the weakest do not survive
Dreams went awry, chances I cannot revive.
Love drifted off, but this broken heart stayed;
Yet hopes faltered, courage tottered, trust tainted.
What lies ahead of me, the road seemed to wind,
Tried to focus my vision but foggy was my mind.
At times I took the wrong trail on most of my trips
But I met wisdom and lessons in those quests.
Yet this new challenge seems a puzzle again
Uncertain if  I will gain or finish off in vain.
So, I wonder which route to keep me on the right track
When the only road ahead is a train track.

photo taken by monokrom_life

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