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Memory Lane

I lost count of how many times I missed a step and fell scraping my knee.
I wasn’t stunned at all about how much it pained me.
But I found the peace I have been waiting for,
My everlasting desire has finally come to me.
For quite some time I kept on traipsing down memory lane;
The battles I fought, the wounds I took, the scars they left.
Nonetheless, thank you for everything, darling.
Thank you for the times we shared, the moments I feel loved.
Thank you for letting go when I couldn’t let go.
Perhaps our love was true but our story has no happy ending.
Please know that regret didn’t occur once for I cherished you truly.
But our story was messed up, it wasn’t wrapped up nicely.
And yes, I feel sorry for the times lost that cannot be rewritten.
I hope one day I’ll still be able to read the happy ending.
But I collected moments rather than woes and tears.
I will treasure the laughter rather than the sorrows of our complex love.
If in the afterlife our paths will cross once more,
I wish we’ll have the chance to greet each other and more.
But our story stops here although I wish it’ll never end.
Thank you for letting go although I wish it’ll be mended. For now, I say adieu.

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