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Quarter to Six

I got off the bus for luck wasn’t on my side
Could it be that the premonition was a lie?
With these weary legs idly I stepped aside
Sat on the wooden bench, just knapsack and I.
The sun was shining lazily the whole day,
Though with a heavy heart I smiled thankfully. 
Maybe I must continue this journey later
Or tomorrow when the sun shines brighter.
This soft breeze seems a little cooler against my skin 
Yet it soothes my soul, it pacifies my heart.
And it’s quarter to six, maybe I should head on.
Find myself dinner and a roof to shelter me till dawn.
Maybe when I fall asleep I could get a hint or two 
Where will you be tomorrow? That I must know.
Where I’d be tomorrow but I must rest now too
Under the warm sheets to ease this exhaustion off.

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