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Tirades of a troubled soul

Tonight I lie down quietly
In this cold hard bed
With this still night
And deafening silence.
Yet my mind’s noisy
Too loud that I can hear
My thoughts, my rants.
Agonies from reminiscences,
Tirades of a troubled soul.
They’re screaming
In my head
Restless, boisterous.
I covered my ears
With my trembling hands,
But I can still hear them
Grating, gnashing
I shut my eyes tight,
But I can see them
Clear as the blinding sun.
The memories of you
Torment me.
They are shards
Stuck in my mind.
They are splinters
Struck in my heart.
In this hellish juncture,
I am stranded, horrified,
With the thoughts of you.

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