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The beer got me good this time

Felt my head pounding with an excruciating sting.
Wait, did I just hear someone whistling?
Yet I saw visions reflected before me
Flashing night lights, well, are they?
Maybe I long to see a thousand visions of thee
Not the dancing fireflies, not St. Elmo’s fire,
But your fire that’ll consume the whole of me.
Still, my head hurts like hell, such sweet agony
And my heart beats like crazy, but not in misery.
I tried to touch you but you faded
Could it be that I have just been jaded?
I called your name under the rain
But the bustling cars swallowed my scream.
I searched for you. But where are you?
Across the streets, I just saw you a while ago.
Felt my head pounding again
And my stomach began churning
And suddenly the world was spinning.
Heck, I wanna puke this feeling out
But dang! The beer got me good this time.

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