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The Heart That Once Loved True Lies Here

You proclaimed your intent too sweet for her liking,
Perhaps it was one of those scripted litanies.
Her naïve heart swooned over your tender words,
Unaware her peaceful world would crumble.

For quite a while she danced gayly,
Oblivious to the looming malady.
She sang melodies, laughed her heart out
Living in fantasy, without a hint of doubt.

But one day, you blurted it out,
“Sorry. But I realized you’re not my happiness.”
Her heart sank, she trembled in distress
And questioned fate, to her it seemed unjust.

She begged and asked you for mercy,
Pleaded to give her another chance at love.
But you shoved her away, mocked her instead,
Laughed at her ignorance, chided her naivety. 

The sparkle in her eyes dimmed gradually
Until the smile on her lips faltered slowly.
Those rosy cheeks had turned ashen
That day she got disheartened.

The days and weeks had passed agonizingly.
Her resolve weakened, counting her days
Until the day she succumbed to death.
But no one knew her ill-fated defeat.
The heart that had been betrayed lies here,
In this cold damned pit, she’ll stay forever.
Will you remember? Will you forget?
She had loved once true but died betrayed.

Will you be merry? Will you feel pity?
She once loved sincerely but deceived.
And the heart that once loved true
Has been buried cold, cursed in agony.

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